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Host Europe - 1429 Words

Host Europe Advancing CSR and Sustainability in a Medium-Sized IT Company I. Introduction/Overview Host Europe is a webhosting company in Germany. In 2009, it set a course for development of its sustainability and corporate social responsibility strategy (Hahn, 2010, p. 1). Since then it has been proactive in improving its energy efficiency and environmental performance (Hahn, 2010, p. 1). It has also made a substantial effort to live up to its corporate social responsibility (Hahn, 2010, p. 1). Corporate social responsibility means that a corporation should act in a way that enhances society and its inhabitants and be held accountable for any of its actions that affect people, their communities, and their environment†¦show more content†¦Host Europe should make an effort to educate its customers of the realities and benefits of virtualization. If it is able to convince customers to switch to virtual servers, it will enhance its profits by reduced energy costs. Host Europe may even consider pricing virtual servers lower than dedicated servers, which are servers tha t do not share hardware. The loss of profit may be made up through the previously mentioned reduced energy costs. Highly Specialized and Gender Shift Employees While Host Europe provides a wide range of benefits for employees (memberships for a local gym, ergonomic workplaces, catered food, staff development, open-door policy, family benefits such as a day-care for kids, etc.) there remains a low proportion of women currently working for the company. Host Europe can potentially increase the proportion of women by continuing to offer a family friendly environment, which includes support in childcare and its own daycare center. There was no mention of maternity leave, but this should also be highlighted and embedded as a benefit. The company can also offer scholarships for women in the ICT sector to invest into the future. The other issue Host Europe can address is their need to hire more specialized employees. The company can obtain more specialized employees by investing in specializedShow MoreRelatedThe Is Regulation And Its Impact On The Landscape Of Long Standing Industries Essay1291 Words   |  6 Pagesthat have so far escaped the taxes that hotels and bed-and-breakfast operators pay†. (Sawatzky, 2014) Sawatzky’s list delineated that US cities accounted for the bulk of the regulatory activity numbering 32, while Canada followed with 6. Parts of Europe, Sydney, and Tel Aviv rounded out the balance her list. (Sawatzky, 2014) Ironically, San Francisco, Airbnb’s birthplace, and home, arguably has the strongest and most active locally based opposition; and the opposition is very characteristicRead MoreThe Situation Action Theory ( Sat ) Essay1747 Words   |  7 Pagestheories in predicting why criminal behaviors occur in society This paper will be discussing the SAT as well as how it relates to the terrorism issues currently facing the European Union. This paper will be discussing the current immigration crisis in Europe and the impact of the SAT and how it relates to an increase in terrorist activities. Finally, the paper will discuss the SAT in relation to the rising Muslim violent crime and Terror attacks. Situational Action Theory (SAT) (Discussion) SituationalRead MoreEssay Toyotas Decision to Build a Plant in France1225 Words   |  5 PagesToyotas Decision to Build a Plant in France Background In late 1996, Toyota began to look at the whole of western Europe for a site for its ultra-modern plant. Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland and the UK all seemed to be the most promising investment recipient, but the list was quickly left a head-to-head battle between Europes oldest foreign investment rivals - France and the United Kingdom. At first, the UK seemed the obvious choice. Toyota had its only European carRead MoreCauses and Effects of Immigration1521 Words   |  7 Pagesprejudice. B_ other people may voluntarily emigrate. II_ Effects of immigration A_ the immigrants will offer various benefits for the recipient country like immigrants will often do jobs that people in the host country will not or can`t do. B_ for the host country`s economy, immigrants offer an increased talent pool, if they have been well education in their original country. C_ high crime rates were common among previous immigrant groups when they were still new comersRead MoreThe Right Of Refugees From The Syrian Civil War1590 Words   |  7 Pagesof our time and millions of Syrians are in need of the world’s help. But who should be responsible for taking on the burden of hosting them? I will argue that the European Union (EU), other European nations, and industrialized nations outside of Europe should work together to provide full-support for Syrian refugees by hosting them in an equally distributed manner. In the following essay I will discuss the status of international law surrounding refugee settlement and the current debate over providingRead MoreThe Case Of The Floundering Expatriate1364 Words   |  6 Pagessharp, a hard worker, and a good leader within the US. But why Bert Donaldson didn`t have much success when he was transferred to work in Europe? Mr. Donaldson was a star performer in the States, but when he is trying to apply the same approach in Europe, he does not have much success and support, he feels anxious, confused and strained. It looks like in Europe Bert is experiencing a cultural shock. The cultural issues have come to a fore since the arrival of Donaldson who has struggled to comeRead MoreEcological Imperialism: The Biological Expansion of Europe Essay846 Words   |  4 PagesEcological Imperialism: The Biological Expansion of Europe, 900-1900, by ecological historian Alfred W. Crosby explores how â€Å"portmanteau biota†, helped Europeans to eradicate whole societies in the Neo-Europes (xv, 89). Crosby believes that temperate zones, climates similar to that of Europe, allowed European biota to thrive, which allowed for European expansion. Crosby discusses the Norse invasions and the Crusades as examples of how Europeans were not able to expand. Crosby claims that climateRead MoreThe 2015 Middle East ern Refugee Crisis Essay1403 Words   |  6 PagesThe 2015 Middle Eastern refugee crisis is becoming a serious security concern throughout Europe. 380,000 asylum seekers are fleeing their countries, mainly from Syria which counts 49% of the total immigrant population, but among them, there are many of Iraqis and Afghans too that are looking for a safe place to live (Amnesty). Many are entering the European Union through Serbia, Hungary, and Greece. Most of the families left their war-torn country in a hurry without any money, but most importantlyRead MoreThe Expansion Of Western Europe929 Words   |  4 PagesThis organization has several options to facilitate their expansion into Western Europe. These include exportation, licensing, or foreign direct investment in the form of a wholly owned subsidiary. Each of these options presents risks and benefits that must be evaluated before an entry-strategy is formulated. Export from the United States For an exportation strategy, this organization would manufacture their new computer domestically and ship it overseas for sale (Hill, 2014, p. 230) in WesternRead MoreThe Black Death Of Europe1231 Words   |  5 PagesThis paper compromises research found regarding the history of the Black Death in Europe. It incorporates the beginning of the plague, the way that it spread, and the toll it took on Europe’s population. It answers questions concerning the context of my topic, the importance of subject at hand, as well as the affects it had on the society during and after this tragedy. Concluding this paper answers the final question of why people should know about this subject in the first place. The Black Death

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