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A Day in the Death of Joe Egg - Joe Penhall As a director, explain how you would create comedy for your audience from the serious subject matter presented in this extract.

A Day in the Death of Joe Egg - Joe Penhall As a director, explain how you would create comedy for your audience from the serious subject matter presented in this extract. As a director, I would try to bring out the comedy in this extract by, firstly, casting two people who have an ability to make people laugh by doing hardly anything. There are people who can send an audience into fits of laughter by simply pulling a face or walking. A naturally funny person would make the comic extracts of this play easier for the audience to accept.As for the direction of these actors, I would ask them to perform certain lines as follows: When Bri first mentions Freddie, his obvious dislike of the man could be very funny. I would ask the actor playing Bri to say Freddie's name with absolute disgust. Later, when Sheila reminds Bri that it was he who first introduced her to Freddie, Bri's reaction (a wry smile perhaps) would continue this joke. When Sheila tries to persuade Bri to go to the rehearsal by offering him whisky afterwards, Bri's reaction of 'whisky first, Freddie after' is easy for the audience to empathise with and thus laugh at.BRII would ask the actor p laying Bri to say this line as if it were preposterous that the whisky were to come after the gruelling prospect of a conversation with Freddie.Sheila's annoyance with the stupidity of the cat is very funny. If the actress were to have quite a lot of difficulty getting the door open because of the cat and then kicking it (with a pre-recorded squeal audible over loud-speakers), her mini-duel would be quite entertaining. Similarly amusing is the stupidity of talking to the cat and the audience's realisation of how stupid it is, yet they all do it.When Bri and Sheila are speaking to Joe (or rather, speaking at her), their mock enthusiasm and amazement is very...

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Unit Assessment 5 professionalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Unit Assessment 5 professionalism - Essay Example In my company where gifts are not encouraged, I would accept for any gifts offered but work towards ensuring that policies of the organization are well understood to ensure that the person does not offer gifts in the future. The fact that the employee has been offering gifts for a long time may indicate two things. Firstly, the employee may not be aware of the policy regarding gifts (DuPont, 1998). Secondly, he/she may just be ignorant and not care of the consequences of going against the organizational policies. To address these issues, I would strive to have the organizational policies understood by all the staff members by sharing on their emails as well as through communication through supervisors. This way, the employee targeted will not feel victimized and will most likely stop the act. The other step that may be taken is through training to all staff members on different policies as well as offering written policies upon signing of contracts for new employees (Malin, 2000). In the event that such measure do no work on an employee, it is important to communicate the policy to the affected employee directly to ensure that they stop the habit from becoming widespread within the organization against the policies. Â   Motivation is important in ensuring that staff members work and deliver maximally in an organization. As a supervisor, working with a motivated group makes it easy to achieve organizational goals. It also reduces many problems, which may arise from internal conflicts, lack of communication and poor performance (DuPont, 1998). One of the most important methods of motivating employees is through offering a nurturing environment at the work place. A nurturing environment makes employees feel that they are cared for and that their welfare is well considered by the organization (Anderson and Bolt, 2011). For instance offering free counseling services for employees may be a good step towards a

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How the internet has changed world culture Essay - 1

How the internet has changed world culture - Essay Example nd what made it more endearing to masses of people one can identify the most important element as its swiftness, that is, its capability in providing the details in an instant. This is quite made possible by Google and Wikipedia by opening the realm of knowledge within seconds, creating a culture where acquiring knowledge becomes more and more easy. The social changes that internet brought to the world is really notable that it gives due importance to relationships. One may say that the Internet is about relationships whether political, economic or social. The major impact of internet on our society and culture is not negligible. A revolutionary change occurred in society with emails when it replaced letters. Internet has wondrously reduced the time interval of hand written letters where one had to wait for weeks for a reply. Today instant emails across thousands of miles are quite possible. The advent of internet has helped a great deal in reducing the cultural differences that it enables one to have a clear picture of other cultures far beyond our own towns, cities and countries, and thus making the world smaller. To speak figuratively, world is in our hands—just a click away. Another significant change has occurred in the educational and medical field. World has witnessed for a sudden change in educational sector that many modern universities have online based educational systems. The students and educators can clarify their doubts instantly through various educational websites and thousands of online libraries and can really improve the educational standards. One of the greatest changes brought by internet is in the medical field where the doctors could share and seek wise counsels or face to face interactions through online teleconferences from medical experts and successfully conduct even complicated surgeries. Internet has dominant influence in politics political system of a country. Internet has now emerged as an effective medium to gather

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American football and Initial Velocity Essay Example for Free

American football and Initial Velocity Essay 1. A stone is thrown horizontally at a speed of from the edge of a cliff in height. How far from the base of the cliff will the stone strike the ground? 2. A toy truck moves off the edge of a table that is high and lands from the base of the table. a. How much time passed between the moment the car left the table and the moment it hit the floor? b. What was the horizontal velocity of the car when it hit the ground? 3. A hawk in level flight above the ground drops the fish it caught. If the hawk’s horizontal speed is , how far ahead of the drop point will the fish land? 4. A pistol is fired horizontally toward a target away, but at the same height. The bullet’s velocity is . How long does it take the bullet to get to the target? How far below the target does the bullet hit? 5. A bird, traveling at , wants to hit a waiter below with his dropping (see image). In order to hit the waiter, the bird must release his dropping some distance before he is directly overhead. What is this distance? 6. Joe Nedney of the San Francisco 49ers kicked a field goal with an initial velocity of at an angle of . a. How long is the ball in the air? Hint: you may assume that the ball lands at same height as it starts at. b. What are the range and maximum height of the ball? 7. A racquetball thrown from the ground at an angle of and with a speed of lands exactly later on the top of a nearby building. Calculate the horizontal distance it traveled and the height of the building. 8. Donovan McNabb throws a football. He throws it with an initial velocity of at an angle of . How much time passes until the ball travels horizontally? What is the height of the ball after seconds? (Assume that, when thrown, the ball is above the ground. ) 9. Pablo Sandoval throws a baseball with a horizontal component of velocity of . After seconds, the ball is above the release point. Calculate the horizontal distance it has traveled by this time, its initial vertical component of velocity, and its initial angle of projection. Also, is the ball on the way up or the way down at this moment in time? 10. Barry Bonds hits a home run that lands in the stands at an altitude above its starting altitude. Assuming that the ball left the bat at an angle of from the horizontal, calculate how long the ball was in the air. 11. A golfer can drive a ball with an initial speed of . If the tee and the green are separated by , but are on the same level, at what angle should the ball be driven? (Hint: you should use at some point. ) 12. How long will it take a bullet fired from a cliff at an initial velocity of , at an angle below the horizontal, to reach the ground below? 13. A diver in Hawaii is jumping off a cliff high, but she notices that there is an outcropping of rocks out at the base. So, she must clear a horizontal distance of during the dive in order to survive. Assuming the diver jumps horizontally, what is his/her minimum push-off speed? 14. If Monte Ellis can jump high on Earth, how high can he jump on the moon assuming same initial velocity that he had on Earth (where gravity is that of Earth’s gravity)? 15. James Bond is trying to jump from a helicopter into a speeding Corvette to capture the bad guy. The car is going and the helicopter is flying completely horizontally at . The helicopter is above the car and behind the car. How long must James Bond wait to jump in order to safely make it into the car? 16. A field goal kicker lines up to kick a yard field goal. He kicks it with an initial velocity of at an angle of . The field goal posts are meters high. a. Does he make the field goal? b. What is the ball’s velocity and direction of motion just as it reaches the field goal post (i. e. , after it has traveled in the horizontal direction)? 17. In a football game a punter kicks the ball a horizontal distance of yards . On TV, they track the hang time, which reads seconds. From this information, calculate the angle and speed at which the ball was kicked. (Note for non-football watchers: the projectile starts and lands at the same height. It goes yards horizontally in a time of seconds) Answers to Selected Problems 1. 2. a. b. 3. 4. below target 5. . 6. a. . b. 7. 8. seconds, meters 9. ; on the way up 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. seconds 16. a. yes b. @ degrees from horizontal 17. @ degrees.

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Masculinity, Femininity and Simone Benmussa’s Singular Life of Albert N

Masculinity, Femininity and Simone Benmussa’s Singular Life of Albert Nobbs The semiotics of traditional theatrical form reinforce an oppressive patriarchal system. The physical body becomes the catalyst by which gender is assigned and expected. This emphasis on the body is amplified in the theater. Simone Benmussa’s play The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs, adapted from the short story by George Moore, deals with issues of femininity and masculinity and how these are portrayed within the theater as well as how theater is formed by the traditional patriarchal gaze. This play also deals with issues of class and how class status is intrinsically tied to gender, gender performance and sexuality. Through the example of this play it is seen that a form of theater which creates and maintains the woman as subject rather than object (as Sue-Ellen Case proposes) cannot be truly realized until the performative nature and many issues inherent in masculinity are acknowledged and processed. Here also is an excellent case study of how the politics of the theater are deeply rooted in body politics and gender essentialism. All of these factors contribute to the play’s overall complexity in matters surrounding and pertaining to the performative nature of masculinity and the manner in which masculinities are brought forth on stage and how that differs from femininity on stage. One of the central themes of theatrical form is identity and the catalyst by which identity is formed is the body. In using the body as the site of formation of individual identity, women are â€Å"uniquely identified with their anatomy† and specifically the parts of their anatomy that differ from that of men (Callaghan 30). Because women are thus defined by their relation ... ... femininity and female masculinity are brought under scrutiny. Works Cited: Butler, Judith. Gender Trouble. New York, Routledge. 1990 Callaghan, Dympna. Shakespeare Without Women: Representing Gender and Race on the Renaissance Stage. New York, Routledge. 2000 Case, Sue-Ellen. Towards a New Poetics. from Feminism and Theater. New York, Methuen. 1988 Gardiner, Judith Kegan. Introduction. from Masculinity Studies & Feminist Theory. (also ed.) New York, Columbia University Press. 2002 Halberstam, Judith. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. from Masculinity Studies & Feminist Theory. ed Judith Kegan Gardiner. New York, Columbia University Press. 2002 Hopkins, Patrick D. Gender Treachery: Homophobia, Masculinity, and Threatened Identities. Kano, Ayako. Acting Like A Woman in Modern Japan: Theater, Gender, and Nationalism. New York, Palgrave. 2001

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Advertising works Essay

For this assignment we are dealing with a type of media study, which involves the features of advertising. For this assignment, we have to write a detailed and comparative review comparing the two adverts for a student studying how advertising works. We have been given a copy of an advert, which is trying to sell Kellogg’s Special ‘k’. The assignment states that we must discuss the similarities and differences between the Kellogg’s advert and an advert of our own. During the lesson we discussed the features of the Kellogg’s assignment and how different parts of the advert such as colour and font size and use of images to coax the readers to buy the product. I have structured this project in a way that shows the features of the Kellogg’s advert, then my own advert and finally the identification of the differences and similarities between the two. Kellogg’s Advert  Here I will construct a detailed analysis of the advert and the uses of its features and effects on the viewer or reader.  At first glance we can see that the advert is situated in a magazine and is spread across two A4 sheets. We have two images on the left and another on the right, followed by a paragraph of text to the right of the advert. The first image is of a women of quite a young age say around 28-32 sitting in her morning clothes on a stool holding a bowl. This is the largest of the images on the page so it is the first thing that the eye will see as the reader turns the page and sees this advert. This may well point out the age group of the audience that the advert is aimed at, woman of age between 25 and 35 who tend nowadays to take their self-appearance very seriously and the advert will use this against them to sell the cereal. The image is in colour and the woman is good looking and has perfect bodily features for example her teeth are straight and brilliant white and she is slim and is dressed as an average person would look in the morning. The editor of this advert has set the image like this for quite a few reasons The image is in colour which adds a bright and happy feeling to the advert  The woman is good looking and slim this would make the reader envy the woman but also feel happy for her, and will push the reader to find the source of the woman’s perfect features.  She is the largest image of the advert this may show that the advert is mainly aimed at woman.  And finally the woman is wearing very casual clothes and looks like she has just woken up and is eating breakfast, which presumably is the cereal the advert intends to sell. This makes the reader feel accessible to the product in other words because the lady looks like an average person, the reader will not be put off and, maybe think that this product is only for â€Å"the beautiful people†. Next on the advert is an image of a man, considerably smaller than that of the woman but this man has a tough look on his face is very well built, the man is shown with no top on emphasising his toned physique. At first glance the image doest â€Å"say† to much to the reader in terms of what that stands for, but once again related to the above point these fairly mysterious features entice the reader to read on just a little further just to find out what the images relate to. The last two images are of a spoon full of special K flakes, which is situated to the right of the advert midst all the text. This is very revealing as once you see this picture you begin to understand what the advert is describing, and the final image is of the front cover of a box of special K this small but significant image sticks in the readers mind very cleverly, as it is the last thing the person will read on the advert it will hopefully stick in their mind so that the next time they go shopping lets say they walk through the cereal isle and then as they go past the box it will instantly remind them of that advert they saw in that magazine, then once their minds start thinking and reminiscing on what they read, they will remember the pretty woman and the good looking man and this will all add up to finally convincing the reader to buy it and this is the long term result the owners of Special K are looking for. Following on from the subject of images we then smoothly come into the part about â€Å"Text/Lexis†. Playing probably one of the most important roles of the entire advert, catchy one liners and titles and also thought provoking paragraphs assist the images in selling the product. We have four main sections of text on the entire page; we have one main heading a quote and two paragraphs of writing. First up is the title, which is situated bang in the middle of the page and reads â€Å"Stay Special†. Now there are quite a few analytical comments to make about this title, this particular title contains a considerable amount of potential which I am going to slowly explain. At first glance the reader will pick up on the size of the font and the colour, one word is black the other red, the text is big and bold and straight to the point just what is needed to get the message across quickly and efficiently, the word â€Å"stay† is printed in black and has been placed, on top of another background image of a fridge, but do not be fooled, that image is not there for no reason the handle of the fridge † coincidently runs underneath the word â€Å"stay† doubling as an underlining effect, very clever! The word â€Å"special† in red, this is a colour coordinating effect that makes the reader believe that by eating this cereal you will stay special. What it is referring to is the image of the woman, special is merely referring to the woman’s physical appearance, she is fit in good shape and has good looks, all the components needed for the specified audience of this advert, women who are on the search for a man, (this is where the picture of the man will kick in) also very cleverly constructed is the positioning of the title, although to the casual reader it may seem like a bad printing job, but the word special has been purposely positioned to lie across both sides of the advert, this very effective technique acts as a bridge for the readers eyes leading them onto the next page of the advert to read for more, the readers are oblivious to this but find themselves already reading the next page, the word special has been carefully selected, as it coincides with the name of the product â€Å"SPECIAL K†, which has been colour coordinated to match the colour of the name of the box. So on reading that title the reader is lead straight onto the next piece of text, the quote.

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Sustainable Enterprise - Monistoring System on Samsung Electronics (Samsung Sdi) - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 10 Words: 2888 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2017/09/14 Category Advertising Essay Did you like this example? SUSTAINABLE ENTERPRISE MONITORING SYSTEM SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS (Samsung SDI) TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction to monitoring systems . 3 1. 1 Dimensions . 3 1. 2 Indicators . 3 1. Communication . 4 1. 4 Compliance stages .. 4 1. 5 Ratings .. 4 2. Business description . 5 3. Relevant sustainability dimensions to Samsung Electronics 5 3. 1 Socio-cultural dimensions 5 3. 2 Environmental dimensions 6 3. 3 Economic dimensions. 6 4. Sustainable Indicators for Samsung SDI . 4. 1 Economic Indicators 7 4. 2 Environment Indicators .. 8 4. 3 Socio-Culture Indicators.. 9 5. Conclusion .. 9 6. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Sustainable Enterprise Monistoring System on Samsung Electronics (Samsung Sdi)" essay for you Create order References . 10 7. Appendix.. 11 1. Introduction to monitoring systems Monitoring system is a system which is used to make an observation of an enterprise and it is based on set of guidelines by different regulatory bodies. It is used to analyse the sustainability of a corporation through different aspect such as macro and micro levels. Sustainability can be used with different dimensions. According to Dalal-Clayton and Bass, 2002, â€Å"the main contents of the monitoring system is the developing a good baseline and a systematic approach to monitoring which includes qualitative, quantitative and descriptive monitoring that helps balancing social and economic concerns by making link of internal and external monitoring†. Hence we are going to evaluate Samsung SDI division in Samsung electronics. 1. 2 Dimensions: There are 3 types of dimensions which are Social, Economic and Environmental on which the entire system is evaluated. These are considered as the triple bottom line of sustainability. These dimensions are further broken down as indicators which are used as different aspects to further study the impacts on the company. 1. 3 Indicators Indicators are everywhere and its part of everybody’s life. Indicators is said to be natural. Generally indicators arise from the principles and ethics of life. Sustainable indicators : are used to measure the performance of the enterprises. As stated in United nations Earth Summit, 1992 â€Å" Indicators of sustainable development need to be developed to provide solid bases for decision making at all levels and to contribute to the elf-regulating sustainability of integrated environment and development systems†. However Pannell (2003) comments that â€Å"indicators are developed also in realtion with the company’s busines, their goals and vision making the indicators revelant to the business development apart from being essential to the sustainable development and also the indicators are developed to increase th e awareness of the corporate accountability†. Indicators are only effective by ensuring an in depth analysis and integration of various sources of all triple bottom line Economic, Environmental and socio- cultural processes. When selecting indicators a great care should be given because, when indicators are poorly chosen it can harm the enterprise with serious malfunctioning. The researches show that indicators are partial reflections of reality. So people will have different indicators based on the different views. The indicator analysis can help measuring the performance of a firm and indicate the plan of measurement framework from the appropriate monitoring system. Balance scorecard can be a key indicator that highlights the performance of an enterprise in various aspects. Indicators can help narrow the difference between the different views. Indicators also can change over period of time with advanced ideas and strategies. There are number of dimensions in viewing the indicators, they are as follows. * Economic indicators * Environmental indicators * Human rights indicators * Labour indicator and * Social indicators 1. 4 Communication Communication is an integral part of any organisational system as well as to the everyday life. Indicators are the guide line for management and bottom line employees, so it should be communicated in a proper manner i. e. should project the results as easily readable and understandable. Researches show that communication is to be done on a regular basis, updating the changes and developments to the partners and the employees. Reporting is a form of communication and it represents the value and standard of the enterprise to the public. Many of the enterprise hesitate to report the economic indicators which are the back-bone of any organisation, doubting, it could influence negatively to the business. In order to maintain the proper flow of the business communication becomes the ideal factor, else it could face industrial action at some stage. 1. 5 Compliance stages An enterprise undergoes various stages in its cycle of life towards its sustainability. Particularly there are six phases in its growth toward the sustainability, based on the importance of indicators and social responsibility. They are as follows, Phase I: Rejection: Phase II: Non-responsiveness Phase III: Compliance Phase IV: Efficiency Phase V: Strategic pro-activity Phase VI: Sustainable corporations 1. 6 Ratings The below given rating scale that is internationally accepted for measuring the enterprise. The scale indicates the how strong is the enterprise with its sustainability. And it shows how much it grown on sustainable and globally accepted. The scale represents different levels from level ‘C’ to level ’A+’ and the ‘A+’ represents the leader in the industry in respective of sustainability. The rating figure can be seen in Appendix 1. 2. BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS COMAPNY LIMITED is one of the world’s largest electronics companies, founded in 1969 in Suwon, South Korea. SECL is involved into manufacturing communication products which is classified into four divisions, they are; Semiconductor, Digital media, Telecommunication Network and Liquefied crystal display digital appliance. Today SECL is revolutionising the digital media with its innovative products. It is known powerhouse in LCD’s, mobile phone and rules the microchips market across the world. Samsung also ranked as most profitable IT Company, the profit has surged to 75% compared to 2008 and has a net profit of 9. 65 trillion won (US $ 8 billion). It has a global presence with 111 subsidiaries, which is in the form of sales subsidiaries, production subsidiaries, research laboratories and also eight overseas business divisions located in different parts of the world. Samsung has won many awards and records in its name and also known as one of the â€Å"World’s 50 most admired companies† (Fortune Magazine, 2009). It also has been voted and one of the â€Å"50 Most Innovative companies† by (Business week, 2009). It has strategic alliances with different companies such as Sony, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Dell etc. The business principles of Samsung can be seen in Appendix 2. SECL has entered into sustainability since 2000 as per the reports available in the official website. Samsung is known for its innovation as the company invests a lot in terms of research and development. The known fact is that 40% of its employees work in RD department and 1 in every 25 are Phd (Business week, 2005) and expecting around 50,000 employees working in RD department by 2010. Every year SECL invests around 9% of its sales revenue in RD and also invests in hiring and training the top notch professionals and produces different trends and technologies in offering greatest benefits to the customers. It has 18 RD centres in 18 different places in 9 countries. We are currently assessing a part of Samsung electronics which is Samsung SDI, which is into manufacturing in of digital display devices. The Samsung’s operations are carried out in two segments, one being the display segment and the other being energy segment. In Display they manufacture CRT’s (Cathode ray tubes), PDP’s (Plasma display panels), AMOLED’s (active matrix organic light emitting tools which are used in televisions and monitors. In the energy segment they produce lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones, laptops computers, automobiles and machine tools. In recent years Samsung SDI has been into massive restructuring to be an environment friendly and a clean energy company. VISION: â€Å"Being a leading GRS company†, which is Green, Responsible and Sustainable. . RELEVANT SUSTAINABILITY DIMENSIONS FOR SAMSUNG SDI: Based on the industry type the different sustainability dimensiona re Econoical, Social –cultural and Environmental. As per the Dow Jones Sustainability Korea (DJSI Korea, 2010) Samsung Electronics Stands in no. 1 position with 10. 52% holdings, where as Samsung SDI is only company which is Importance has been given towards sustainablity in terms of triple bottom lines since more than 10 years ago. Reports of green managemnt to save the environment is published in the official website of samsung since 2000. 3. SOCIO-CULTURAL DIMENSIONS: is based on the ethical decisions made in every community or society. It includes caring for people, working with ethical principles, managing issues responsibly, involving in the welfare of employee and the society. Samsung SDI has been beyond business to be responsible corporate citizen in community and the society. Samsung is going hand in hand with its stakeholders. Samsung SDI communicates with its stakeholders through diverse participation channels, and also using other communication methods to communicate to receive inputs which assist them in their operation. Contribution from the stakeholders is important in running the business. Stake holders engagement by Samsung SDI can be seen in the figure in Appendix 5. Some of the Socio-cultural dimensions Samsung is involved are as follows; Human resource – Samsung SDI values its employees and their well being, health and safety, work life balance, training, motivating and cultivating a corporate culture. Labour council – also known as employee representative who takes care of employee’s complaints and also their working condition and treatment. Employment opportunities- As stated in (Sustainability report, 2008) 28% in the new recruitment were women. Community welfare- Samsung SDI is building its synergy in its social contributions, working with local NGOs and public institutions. A program called â€Å"Light of Love†, is which is funded to blind people, where the statistics as shown in the Sustainability report(2008), during 2008, 5143 employees participated in the voluntary service and a total of KRW 950million was returned to the society, out of which KRW 570 went to the Light of Love fund in Korea alone†. The company has been involved in â€Å"One heart and One town†, program to support rural communities. Also works for Seniors who live alone, helping farmers not only in terms of monetary but also in terms of health and living conditions. Supplier benefits: Introducing suppliers to CSR (Corporate social responsibility), it has introduced S-partner system to build sustainable partnership with the suppliers. Local purchase: The Company prefers mainly local suppliers for purchase but the proportion dropped since the restructuring of the company in 2007. 3. ENVIRONMENTAL DIMENSIONS – In recent years climate change or Global warming has been a important topic across every organisation. Save environment, Go green are have become a significant mission for every human being to save the world and its species, therefore conserving or saving environment strategies has become competitive advantages for any company, for example use of recycled paper, saving energy, use of environment al friendly products. Samsung SDI follows the iso 1400 standards, which is an international standard for environmental management. In Samsung SDI Every production unit and the RD centre uses ISO1400 standards and hence they are under continuously engaged in analysing the environmental impacts and minimising it. Use of hazardous chemicals in the production of battery is one main concern as these have severe negative impacts on the environment if untreated. Samsung SDI is thinking beyond to address the issues of environment and following environmental laws and international regulations and also consulting and referring to opinions by the stakeholders. Measures taken by the Samsung SDI in terms of Green Gas emissions is to 300,000 amount of reduction in (tCO2e) by 2011. The direct and indirect emissions controlled over years can be seen in Appendix 3. This reduction target is 30% lesser than the total GHG emission in 2005. GHG emission source can be seen in the figure Appendix 4. 3. 3 ECONOMICAL DIMENSIONS – It is considered on the basis of financial and strategic dimension. â€Å"An organization’s economic performance is fundamental to understanding the organization and its basis for sustainability† (G3 Indicator protocol). Maximising and utilising the shareholders wealth is the goal of any organisation. Samsung SDI has always been into innovation, where they have diversified their market into different products, which helps the company to remain sustainable. Increased costing and production may involve risk if the company sells at a higher price. To be a part of the global market Samsung SDI has involved in well managed risk management, to ensure there is no leakage in terms of company’s profit. Shareholders profit will increase in the investment which will ensure the company’s performance on a positive side. Samsung SDI operates globally the government support and also the country’s status will affect the performance and the rules and regulations on taxes can be on the riskier side of business. Internal indicators such as sales, profit, operating costs, debt, liabilities, net earnings are to be concerned as the financial performance of the company can affect its share value even if the company is sustainable on the other Social and environmental dimensions. Samsung SDI has good customer satisfaction policy, which is important as to retain the customers. Product and quality control are important for customer satisfaction. Immediate response is being managed to solve the issues with customer’s complaints. Competition is also another issue where Samsung SDI may face difficulties in the future, if more company’s involves in better innovation and product quality. Currently Samsung has good customer base and product quality which can ensure them to sustain in the competitive market. 4. SUSTAINABLE INDICATORS FOR SAMSUNG SDI 4. 1 ECONOMIC INDICATORS: Indicator| Measure | Reporting | Shareholder’s returns| Percentage of retained profit and shares and also new shareholders investment| Increased percentage of new and retained shares indicates increased investment acceleration in business growth and vice versa. | *Statistics and monetary value*survey data| Wages, benefits and taxes| Ratio of total payroll to employeesGovernment taxes Employee benefits such as insurance, pension | Fair and reasonable pay to employees and al so working on human capital investments. Statistics and monetary valuepaid in taxesAuditing | Competition | Volume of diminishing regular customers Volume of new customers| Indicates the competitors performance| Competitors analysis| Product and services| Revenue generated | Product performance| Risk Mangement | Productivity | Volume of production based on the salesOperational cost| Measuring total productivity| Profit loss statementFinancial reports| 4. 2 SOCIAL INDICATORS: | Indicator | Measure | Reporting | Skilled employment | Volume of skilled local in the company| Workforce to be recruited from the local community| | Well being| Percentage fAbsenteeism Percentage of Injuries| Level of employee satisfaction and staffs willingness to work in the organisation | Improving the standards in health and safety and concentrating on employeesatisfaction| Opportunities for women | Women recruitment, women in part time, casual and senior position | Opportunity created in the society| Rec ruitment of more women and providing equal opportunity| Community participation| Dependence of the local community to the organisations | The level of cooperation by the society to the extended products and services| Community initiatives | Child Labour| Using child labour| Impact on the ethical value of the company| Assuring no suppliers or distributors encourage child labour | Non discrimination| No discrimination among the stakeholdersEqual opportunities to men and women| Company’s reputation | Strong code of conduct and strict action against the discriminators| Society | Complaints against the company and the employeesCommunity attitude towards the organisation. | Problems to the local community Level of cooperation of locals| Record of unacceptable behaviour by localsRecord of conflicts between expatriates and the local community| 4. 3 ENVIRONMENTAL INDICATORS: | Pressure | State| Response| Water| Amount of usage of water sources, surface water and Ground water| Impacts due to excess usage. Control over the usage| Pollution| GHG emission, waste disposal| Amount of emission impacting the environment| Controlling over the emissions and treatment of waste disposal| Hazardous Chemicals| Usage of Hazardous substance| What are the effects using the chemicals| Minimising the usage, health and conern about health and safety of employees and society| Energy| *Ratio of energy usage| Efficient use of energy| Conservation of energy and using reasonably| Waste | Amount of recycled and non recycled waste generated| Waste recycled and | Reduction in waste generation| Use of hazardous substances | Volume of non recyclable waste generated| Amount of toxic and hazardous waste from the productions | Decreasing chemical usage| Materials| Ratio of raw materials used| Are the materials used sustainable| Advancement towards procuring sustainable materials| 5. CONCLUSION: This paper analyses the sustainability of Samsung SDI and describes Samsung SDI is at what level on t he world rating scale. it is described at the first part of the assignment) Samsung electronics holds A+ level, i. e. one of the leaders in the most successful sustainable organisations in the world. Even though Samsung faced negative growth in consecutive three years, they managed to maintain to be a leader in the industry and proved now as a successful sustainable organisation. Samsung SDI with its effort to become sustainable, has moved from Phase V to Phase VI. Samsung SDI focuses on all aspects of sustainability in developing society, environment and the company. After the great financial depression in the beginning of the twenty first century, Samsung showed the readiness for a new change towards sustainable growth. The company attained the sustainability through a systematic process by developing a proper strategy in analysing various sustainable dimensions and indicators. This paper reviews the sustainable dimensions and indicators of Samsung. Samsung SDI has its 6th Sustainability report, the reporting period being January 01 till December 31, 2008 and the report was prepared on the GRI guidelines G3 and the environmental report was prepared based on the guidelines of Ministry of Environment of Korea. Samsung still believes that they took a small step towards the new future and believes these changes will definitely have an impact on stakeholders and company as well as the global population and future generations. 6. REFERENCE: Dalal-Clayton, B. Bass,S. (2002). Sustainable Development Strategies: A Resource Book. Paris: UNDP, OECD and Earthscan Publications. Chapter 5: Analysis. Pannell, D. J. (2003). What is the value of a sustainability indicator? Economic issues in monitoring and managemen t for sustainability. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture, 43, 239-243. Retrieved, on 1 May, 2010, from https://cyllene. uwa. edu. au/~dpannell/j72ajea. pdf Sustainability reporting guidelines, Retrieved 29th September 2009, from https://www. globalreporting. org/NR/rdonlyres/ED9E9B36-AB54-4DE1-BFF2-5F735235CA44/0/G3_GuidelinesENU. pdf Martin, S. (2010), Samsung Electronics profit Tops