Friday, February 7, 2020

How the internet has changed world culture Essay - 1

How the internet has changed world culture - Essay Example nd what made it more endearing to masses of people one can identify the most important element as its swiftness, that is, its capability in providing the details in an instant. This is quite made possible by Google and Wikipedia by opening the realm of knowledge within seconds, creating a culture where acquiring knowledge becomes more and more easy. The social changes that internet brought to the world is really notable that it gives due importance to relationships. One may say that the Internet is about relationships whether political, economic or social. The major impact of internet on our society and culture is not negligible. A revolutionary change occurred in society with emails when it replaced letters. Internet has wondrously reduced the time interval of hand written letters where one had to wait for weeks for a reply. Today instant emails across thousands of miles are quite possible. The advent of internet has helped a great deal in reducing the cultural differences that it enables one to have a clear picture of other cultures far beyond our own towns, cities and countries, and thus making the world smaller. To speak figuratively, world is in our hands—just a click away. Another significant change has occurred in the educational and medical field. World has witnessed for a sudden change in educational sector that many modern universities have online based educational systems. The students and educators can clarify their doubts instantly through various educational websites and thousands of online libraries and can really improve the educational standards. One of the greatest changes brought by internet is in the medical field where the doctors could share and seek wise counsels or face to face interactions through online teleconferences from medical experts and successfully conduct even complicated surgeries. Internet has dominant influence in politics political system of a country. Internet has now emerged as an effective medium to gather

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